Paper on Plastic - EP

by The Interstellar Elevators

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Engineered by Craig Dryer and Travis Bell.

Produced and mixed by John Fitsch.

Mastered by Donal Whelan.


released September 10, 2011



all rights reserved


The Interstellar Elevators Weston, Connecticut

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Track Name: Walk
Alright I'm like static, electromagnetic
and when you talk I can't walk
even though I know it's pathetic
I'm blown out of the water
when your words get stronger
You talk about semantics
but your tongue is getting longer

Like blah blah blah blah blah
All I hear you talk about are things I never saw
For all I know the things you think about we never were
You don't want to talk so you walk out the door

Pickup, pickup the telephone
because I want to hear your voice
I don't want to hear a ringtone
Hush, hush your whisper's lush so I just said

Speak up, you only get sound
if you talk louder and louder and louder
You quietly end right where you've been
again and again and again

I'm like Sarah Palin
because I tell the people what they want to hear
then I plow down a moose with my AK47
But who's really to blame
When I fucked up anyway?

I must've walk through Alaska
just to walk past you
but I don't even get a single glance
You move too fast when I want romance
but you still enchant when you talk like
blah blah blah blah blah
Track Name: Better Reasons
Yo, we could've flown to the moon
but she just moved up, she just went zoom zoom
I stared at the spastic shimmering lights
that exploded from the end of the windpipe
And neon reds that turned day into night
Feeling wrong in various ways and types
and I keep working but I keep hurting
but I'm so furtive because I keep earning
superfly dollar bills, it kills
Still I'd rather stay back on track
than blast off to space and never come back
and lose that cash when you're talking trash
like feeling wrong whenever it's right
and shuddering sounds and blistered lights
and dollar bills the bank ignites
and money lost, emotional hyping

But wait, you know you can't stop
once you start to jog in place
Fingers maneuver slow, digits frigidly cold
From icebergs to slick words
the conversation crept along
From fuck off to stay strong
From blast off to moving on
Each word you said had so much weight
but there's no gravity in outer space anyway

Yo, we could never seem to shut up
or always get interrupted
I'm just trying to say
What I mean is
All I really want to say to you is

Yes, with no light we could get to rest
but the stars burst holes in the dark
and it's making a mess instead
I get up and get dressed again
You know how it used to be
We could go downtown and get down
Our nights were bright lights
but now it's like
I love you but I have to give you away
because I'm full of shit and don't know
what else to say

It kills still, and she said
after all this time I think it's time
maybe that you realized
That you took the time
because I don't want to waste my time
Just because it rhymes doesn't make it ok
Day after day in day out
She doesn't mean to shout
She meant to whisper when she said
"I'll do it without," but it's still loud

But wait, I tripped to fall
and just stayed in place
I just wanted to say
I just love it when you tell it like it is
then turn and say "but what is this?"

What this is,
is just shit you say to keep business
just shit you say when you're listless
apathetically stretch like you need rest
and maybe it's best if you just sleep in
Maybe it's best if I just leave
and trip up again like I keep tripping
Trip up so far I trip straight to the moon
and then move
Change moods like I do, just like you
I like news, you like truth
I'm in tune, but you are too
At first I just passed at the sound of laughter
Now I just laugh at the past and after
Then I get slapped but I move past her
Now I get cheese for free from the moon
where you're talking like
"Bitch, please"
Track Name: Residue
So check it, the rhythm in the Ritz
Sophisticated allegation thrown into my mix
I want a beat with urbane bits
I also like to supplement with group hits
and like that, the beat begins to boil
so I lay down the hip-hop tracks for a while

So I'm walking down the sidewalk
The side of the street
where my feet meet the pavement
but the beat keeps me waiting
So I'm like, "James speed up" and he does

Well anyway I don't like to run
because it kind of makes me nervous
So we'll stick it with the swing
as we swing into the chorus

You've got to relax, relax, relax
Kick it to the funkier track
Hold it back while we chat
And like that, you're back

Like residual drops stop the visuals
the label's kind of blurry like fuzzy pixels
Jam like you're letting go
Hopping from block to block
kicking like Mario

Breaking up bricks in this video-game
Bowser can't touch me
because I've got no shame
Archetype mutation with a surreal twist
You know we twist apart the hours
we twist into the chorus

You've got to relax, relax, relax
Kick it to the funkier track
Kick it like the Mario man
And like that, you're back

Well I don't need to get it all
Bombastically regret the call
of a pixelated over-analyzation
of residue merged together
like the bomb
Track Name: Kanye West
Wait up your laughter's plastic
and I almost walked right past it
Inanimate, I grabbed it
Tangible plastics it's bombastic
I asked are you shitting me
or are you really the shit?
And if bullshit sounds like this
then I'm listening in
then you should bullshit again
then I'm the number one bullshit fan

You said, I'mma do it again
From the first to the last,
I'mma do you in
Stay civil I'm just a civilian
I'mma take you down,
if you just say when

See right now wouldn't work
because I'm buried in work
If it's too much work
then its too much work
It'd make it worse if it doesn't hurt
It'd make me numb, if I feel it first

Wait up, I made up, I said straight up
I would shoot all the other gangsters down

Inflatable air mattress is plastic
and you almost crawled right past it
Instead, you just hop into bed again
Feel no feelings or are you just thinking about leaving
And no use sleeping without dreaming
And I'mma be dreaming without sleeping
And I'mma be so superfly I clip my own wings

And you said
"It's the start of the end,
and whatever it was, it won't happen again
Don't talk I just want to listen
And I remember it now, but I'm going to forget"

It shouldn't hurt if it's only a memory
But then, why is my head killing me?
And how am I ever going to get to sleep
If you won't stop fidgeting next to me

Wait up, I made up, I said straight up
I would shoot all the other gangsters down
Wait up, I stayed up all night
just to find the words that were right
And I would shoot all the other gangsters down

You know that
I'm not hesitating it's you that's keeping me waiting
and I'll probably be waiting again
and waste away, slowly deteriorate
Your words are faker than plastic
and I call bullshit
It it isn't about the thug motives
the money could keep rolling
my gat stays unloaded
But your lips hidden by dollar bills
Paper on plastic, words slip out still
It sounded like

you said, not to mention it
because you're tired now
and you just want to rest
Can't sleep because there's just a few minutes left
and it's morning now, can't go back to bed
Track Name: Tired of Compton
Well I've got to get up to now
but I don't even get around, I get down
Well anyway I'm thinking about the next round
Can I get a little sentimental television
but I hear no sound
Where are you at, I was getting to that
And I'm sure that it hurt
but you know that you can be a player
believing in the flavor
even if you're only hating on haters

Wham with the good idea
to fill out the form and drop the ball
So I get to playing the thinking that you gave
Even if I only gave up on the wrong game

I don't want to suffer for that
I'm just a gangster without my gat
Homies want to mess and speaking of that
what up, what up, what up, what up
With the way you've been acting accounting me
flowing through a sea of hypocrisy
Steady now, but the way you get down

Is like
reggaeton, and it always turns me on
Down with upbeat sounds and you're gone
Float back to the Italiano mood
but Santeria is subliminal
to another tune right
and I'm light but tight
beg and plead on the mic tonight
It was me I agree and that's though enough
but I was like Kanye
I couldn't shut the fuck up
Or was I Jay-Z
just a little offbeat
Or B.I.G. behind me, a gat in my back
Q-Tip, I just grip and never let go
Or J-Lo, I just move too slow

Shut, I said you're so selfish to myself
Fishing for a way to get myself that big win
in this club, to make love
that you don't really need

Where are you at, I asked that
I'm just a gangster without my gat
Homies want to mess and speaking of that
what up, what up, what up, what up
With the way you've been acting accounting me
flowing through a sea of hypocrisy
Steady now, but the way you get down

So, standing at the phone a gat in my dome
I've got the right tight moves to turn you on
See I'm giving all the honies another call
but it doesn't even matter
when the matter is fashionable
like right two-piece suits, I drop the boots
But I'm another has-been to win
I just slip in moves for your grooves
that you choose when you move on
Yeah right, well baby I've got some too